CV338H-U42 Firmware Free Download


CV338H-U42 Firmware Free Download

Hello, Freinds are you finding. China android universal board firmware. CV338H-U42 Firmware Free Download. here on free is available. CV338H-U42 and Smart WIFT Network firmware board.HD Resolution for CV338H-U42 board Software 1366×768 has. China’s universal board Software free download can do. and Smart Combo Network is available for board. free download and very easily download firmware. one clicks the download button for free LED/LCD Tv universal CV338H-U42 is available. and more software/firmware. my website the visit.


board Ram: 1GB

main-board: CV338H-U42

Rom: 4GB/eMMC

Brand: China universal android Smart WIFI Network board

board Resolution: 1366×768 HD

main-board info

CV338H-U42 Firmware Free Download. board Resolution and HD has. for China android universal board software/firmware CV338H-U42. main motherboard Resolution 1366×768 is available here. main-board Ram 1GB has. and the android board. board Rom 4GB/eMMC is.

How to Download Software

CV338H-U42 Firmware Free Download. and tested fully firmware/Software easily download can do.

you here from free Software download can do. CV338H-U42 this is China’s android universal and Smart WIFI Network board. and the best entertainment for LED Smart-board. bottom only one Click on the download button for free LED TV software download.

Here is available Firmware




CV338H-U42 Firmware Free Download

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Card File Description
CV338H-U42_V400HJ6-PE1_ZENYTH Download
CV338H-U42_HV430FHB_N10_1G_4G_ZENYTH Download
CV338H-U42_1366X768_1G_4G_ZENYTH Download

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