MSD6A638-T8E2 Software Free Download


MSD6A638-T8E2 Software Free Download

4K Smart China Android UHD LED Tv Main Board, Smart Board With Smart System And WIFI Network High-Level Speed, MSD6A638-T8E2 All Technical System Tv All Electrical Chip Circuit main Motherboard. with HDMI USB Ports, Headphone Slat, Input-Output multiple types Smart System HD resolutions Are Available. MSD6A638-T8E2 All resolutions Free download. this Board of Some resolutions Is available Here. please like its software. MSD6A638-T8E2 3840×2160 Toshiba and more. MSD6A638-T8E2 4K Ultra UHD. Toshiba 43U7750. Supported Resolution 3840×2160 UHD 4K Has A Very Powerful And Wonderful Motherboard perfect resolution. how to download software for free. very easily download the firmware MSD6A638-T8E2. And Even More Software/firmware are Available. Visit Website. for more software

MSD6A638-T8E2 4K Smart UHD Driver Tv Board

MSD6A638-T8E2 Software Free Download

MSD6A638-T8E2 Specifications

Resolution: 3840×2160 4K UHD

Brand: Smart/Universal 4K Driver Motherboard

Card: MSD6A638-T8E2

Ram For Card: 1GB DDR3 768MB/Optional

HDMI: yes

USB Ports: yes

Rom Maximum: 8GB

Remote: Toshiba

O System: Android 5.1.1

How to Update Software MSD6A638-T8E2

1. After you download this file, copy it to an empty Pendrive device

2. Then apply this Pendrive on the board

3. Power on  the TV and switch on the main button

4.then Now, the LED light should start glowing

5. When everything stops glowing, remove The Pendrive

6. Now your software is installed and enjoy

Note: Hi, Friends the following given software is USB Pendrive update/upgradeable. ledtvsoftware team is not responsible for any type of, for Example, loss/damage as a result of uploading downloading the Main Software MSD6A638-T8E2.

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Model File Description
MSD6A638-T8E2-3840×2160-Toshiba Download

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