TP.MS338.PC821 Software Free Download


TP.MS338.PC821 Software Free Download

This Is a Smart Android Smart China universal Board firmware.TP.MS338.PC821 Software Free Download. This software is available for free download, You can download absolutely free firmware from here.TP.MS338.PC821, Smart Network LED tv Board. speed signal for tv remote and HD resolution for main Board 1920×1080 has a powerful board resolution 1080P.HDMI yes, USB yes for the board.ram 512MB. And more information is down there from this board you can pick up.TP.MS338.PC821 Software Free Download.One-click and easily free software downloads from here. You just need to click the blue download button below and the software can easily download. And yes after clicking on this button you will see another button which you just have to click once and the software will be automatically downloaded. This is how you will download all the software/firmware in all posts.

TP.MS338.PC821 Software Free Download

main Board Info

Resolution: 1920×1080 HD

Remote: Samsung

Board: TP.MS338.PC821

Board Brand: China Android Universal Network Board

Rom For Board: 4GB/Emmc

maximum Ram: 512MB/

Here Is Available Software






TP.MS338.PC821 Software Free Download

Just one Click The Download Button

Card File Description
TP.MS338.PC821-1920x1080_KODAMA_Emmc Download
TP.MS338.PC821_1920x1080_IKON_4G Download
TP.MS338.PC821_1920x1080_IKON_8G Download
TP.MS338.PC821_1920x1080_Samsung Download
TP.MS338.PC821_IK-E50DFS_REF58_4G Download

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