All LCD/TV LED Service Menu Codes


All LCD/TV LED Service Menu Codes

you are on this is a post all about Smart/Universal None Smart, Led LCD Tv Main Motherboard Service Menu Cod. All China Universal, And jumper Main Board Service menu codes, All are available here. All LCD/TV LED Service Menu Codes. you can download the free all China Universal Card Service Menu Code. it is very easy to download the All service Menu Codes. free download. All LCD/TV LED Service Menu Codes. all Original Brands And Local Brands Board Service Menu Code Are Available. And Even More. All Absolutely for free download.

If you have the universal board then most smart/universal/non-smart led tv Motherboard service mode can be open with these codes, please try one by one All Service Menu Codes.

All China Universal LED TV LCD Board Service Menu Codes

Menu Code: 1147
Menu Code: 1150
Menu Code: 1167
Menu Code: 1185
Menu Code: 1187
Menu Code: 1197
Menu Code: 1199
Menu Code: 1950
Menu Code: 1973
Menu Code: 1999
Menu Code: 2008
Menu Code: 2383
Menu Code: 2387
Menu Code: 2508
Menu Code: 2580
Menu Code: 2588
Menu Code: 2611
Menu Code: 2880
Menu Code: 2888
Menu Code: 0000
Menu Code: 208
Menu Code: 0101
Menu Code: 710
Menu Code: 1234
Menu Code: 4711
Menu Code: 4725
Menu Code: 5880
Menu Code: 6181
Menu Code: 7050
Menu Code: 7168
Menu Code: 7343
Menu Code: 7710
Menu Code: 8093
Menu Code: 8500
Menu Code: 8202
Menu Code: 8593
Menu Code: 8893
Menu Code: 8896
Menu Code: 9301
Menu Code: 9380
Menu Code: 9385
Menu Code: 9527
Menu Code: 9735
Menu Code: 9883
Input Code: 1147
Input Code: 2580
Input Code: 0000
Input Code: 208
Source Input/Code: 308
Input Code: 3195
Source Code: 0000
Source Code: 2283
Source Code: 2285
Source Code: 2580
Source Code: 2583
Source Code: 2585
Source Code: 2587
Source Code: 3137
Source Code: 3138
Source Code: 3195
Source Code: 6483
Source Code: 7343
Mute Code: 6483

Service Menu Codes With Motherboard Model Name

VS.TP53U71.2 Input Code: 208
VS.TP53U61.2 Input Code: 208
VS.TP56L62.2 Menu Code: 1147
T.VST59.031 Menu Code: 1147
T.R83.031 Menu Code: 1147
T.R85.031 Menu Code: 1147
TP.VST59s.PB813 Menu Code: 1147
TP.HV320.PB801 Menu Code: 1147
TR.85.03 Menu Code: 1147
T.VST59.031, A81 A8 Menu Code: 1147
T.V56.03 Menu Code: 1147
T56J.11.2 Menu Code: 1147.Input 2580,Input 0000, Menu 8896, AV 208, AV 308
T.VST29.03 Menu Code: 1147
SKR.03 Menu Code: 1147
SKR.801 Menu Code: 1147
T5964.81 Menu Code: 1147
TP.MS338.PC821 Menu Code: 1147
LAD.MV59S.G Menu Code: 7710
T.VST29.61C Menu Code: 1147
5800-A8M260-0020 Source Code: 3195
350016386 Menu Code: 2008
CVMV26L-A-20 Input Code: 2580
CV182L-B Input Code: 2580
SP208ESA HK-7050A-V2.08-E Menu Code: 7050
35017414 REV-01 Menu Code: 2008
T.MS18VG.72 Menu Code: 1147
T.VST59.A5 Menu Code: 1147
CV181L-Y Input Code: 2580
T.VST.29.61C Menu Code: 1147
T.VST59.62 Menu Code: 1147
JUG7.820.531-3 Input Code: 3138
35016445 REV-02 Menu Code: 2008
T.VST59S.73 Menu Code: 1147
TP.VST59.P83 Menu Code: 1147
T.MT8223.3B Menu Code: 1147
T.MS.18VG.81B Menu Code: 1147
T.MS18VG.71A Menu Code: 1147
40-T31TOT-MAB2HG Menu Code: Contrast 1950 And 9735
TP.MS1306.PB772 Menu Code: Picture, contrast. 9735
CV309H-X Source Code: 2580
TP.VST59.PB819 Menu Code: 2008
CV56BH.Q42 Input Code: 2580
TP.MS608.P82 Input/Source Code: 1147

Changhong Ruba Service Menu Codes

Source Code: 3138
Source Code: 1125
Source Code: 42580
Source Code: 3130
Menu Code: 1125

Menu Code: 1147
Menu Code: 2580
Menu Code: 0816

Ecostar Service Menu Code

Menu Code: 2008
Menu Code: 2508
Menu Code: 8002
Menu Code: 8202

Orient Service Menu Code

Input Code: 2580 Or 2588
Source Code: 2580 Or 2588

Haier Service Menu Code

Menu Code: 1147

Menu Code: 8202
Menu Code: 8893
Menu Code: 4578
Menu Code: +HiGHLIGHT Audio+8893
Important: Press ‘Menu/Exit’ Then Press 1999′ Press ‘ Ok’

Samsung Service Menu Code

Then, On Standby Press, Mute+182+Power
Turn, Off, Information, Menu, Mute, Power

LG Service Menu Code

Note: Press Or Hold The Main Menu Button until 4 digit Password displayed.


Videocon Service Menu Code

Menu Code: 123

Menu Code: 0323
Menu Code: 1147
Menu Code: 1947
Menu Code: 6483
Menu Code+Sound+8532

Symphony Service Menu Code

Source/Input Code: 2580

Vestel Service Menu Code

Menu Code: 4725 Then Select ‘Reset’

Vision Quest Service Menu Code

Source/Input Code: 2580

Vizio Service Menu Code

The menu under the ‘Help’ tab is Factory Default enter 0000

Seiki Service Menu Code

Menu Code: 0000

RCA Service Menu Code

Menu Code: 1147

COBY Service Menu Code

Note: Enter Menu, Hi-Lite ‘Audio’ Then enter 8893 Mode/Source 2580

Philips Service Menu Code

062596 +Menu+ Information+Status

062597 + Menu+ Information+Status
061596 + Menu
22PFL 4407V7 LCD Menu Code+2580
22PFL5557/V7 LED Menu Code+2580
24PFL5557V7 LED Menu Code+2580
24PFL5957V7 LED Menu Code+2580
32PFL4537V7 LED Menu Code+2580
32PFL4737V7 LED Menu Code+2580
32PFL5537V7 LED Menu Code+2580
32PFL5937V7 LED Menu Code+2580
22PFL5237V7 LED Menu Code+2580
24PFL3457V7 LCD Menu Code+1950
24PFL5007V7 LED Menu Code+1950
24PFL5237/V7 LED Menu Code+1950
24PFL5637/V7 LCD Menu Code+1950
24PFL5957V7 LCD Menu Code+1950
32PFL3057V7 LCD Menu Code+1950
32PLF5007/V7 LED Menu Code+1950
32PFL5237V7 LED Menu Code+1950
32PFL5537V7 LCD Menu Code+1950
32PFL5637V7 LCD Menu Code+2580
32PFL6357V7 LED Menu Code+1950
32PFL6577V7 LCD Menu Code+1950
42PFL3457V7 LED Menu Code+1950
42PFL6357/V7 LED Menu Code+1590
42PFL6577V7 LED Menu Code+1950
42PFL7357V7 LED Menu Code+1950
42PFL7977V7 LED Menu Code+1950
46PFL8577V7 LED Menu Code+1950
58PFL9577V7 LED Menu Code+1950
40PFL4757V7 LED Menu Code+2580
42PFL6977V7 LED Menu Code+1950
24PFL4555 Menu Code+Sound+8532
14PT3525 Menu-Picture-Contrast-9735
14PT4525 Menu-Picture-Contrast-9735
21PT3525 Menu-Picture-Contrast-9735
21PT4525 Menu-Picture-Contrast-9735
21PT5525 Menu Code-1147
24PFL4505 Menu+Cont+1950
34PFL5505 Menu+Cont+1950
24PFL5555 Menu+Cont+1950
32PFL3305 Menu+Cont+1950
32PFL4305 Menu+Cont+1950
32PFL4355 Menu+Sound+8532
32PFL5355 Menu+Cont+1950
32PFL5505 Menu+Cont+1950
42PFL3505 Menu+Cont+1950
42PFl4755 Menu+Sound+8532
42PFL5505 Menu+Cont+1950
42PFL5555 Menu+Cont+1950
46PFL5505 Menu+Cont+1950
46PFL5755 Menu+Cont+1950
46PFL6755 Menu+2008
55PFL5755 Menu+Cont+1950
55PFL6755 Menu+2008
21PT3426 Menu+1947
32PFL5356 Menu + 1999 + Back Space
32PFL5556 Menu + 1999 + Back Space
42PFL5556 Menu + 1999 + Back Space
46PFL5556 Menu + 1999 + Back Space
42PFL6556 Menu + 1999 + Back Space
46PFL6556 Menu + 1999 + Back Space
32PFL4356 Menu + 2580+Ok
32PFL4556 Menu + 2580+Ok
22PFL4506 Menu+2580
26PFL4306 Menu+2580
42PFL5506 Menu+1999+Back
24PFL5306 Menu+1950
32PFL5306 Menu+1950
32PFL6306 Menu+1950
32PFL6506 Menu+1950
22PFL4556 Menu + 2580+Ok
21PT4326 Menu + 1147
14PT3626 Menu Code+ Picture Menu+ 6483
21PT3326 Menu + Picture Menu Code + 6483

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