TP.MS358.PB818 Firmware Free Download (All Resolutions)


TP.MS358.PB818 Firmware Free Download (All Resolutions)

it is very easy to download them all resolutions for free. TP.MS358.PB818, you can download the free firmware TP.MS358.PB818. absolutely download for free. TP.MS358.PB818 Firmware Free Download (All Resolutions). it is clear. the firmware is already tested fully. the very great LED/TV/LCD software TP.MS358.PB818 free with all resolutions. the completed all resolutions for the main motherboard. fully technical all system motherboard TP.MS358.PB818, with forth 4 Core Android type body mainboard, china android smart/universal Network  4 core Driver all android electronic circuits main card, with FHD resolution. please like it, for the main board resolution, you can. very, resolution FHD 1920×1080 4 Core Board system resolution. all smart simple android system Network technical TV Motherboard TP.MS358.PB818, all resolutions are available. you can free download the all main resolutions. absolutely free download from here.

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How To Download, TP.MS358.PB818 Software With All Resolutions. that too, absolutely easy to download the free firmware TP.MS358.PB818, this is a smart china android type 4 core led/tv motherboard. smart android wifi network high-level speed system, very intelligent the better, smart working board. few resolutions for the mainboard are available here. like it. TP.MS358.PB818 1366×768 AU32 T315XW03. and even more software/firmware is available for absolutely free. all very easily free firmware resolutions for the main motherboard. only just one click on the download button. automatically free very easy download file. thankes, it is clear to file. with a media fire link to download all resolutions, media fire to download files very easily to all software downloads. this is Sameer Imran, web,, for software/firmware.

TP.MS358.PB818 Smart FHD China Android Board Firmware

TP.MS358.PB818 Informations

Supported Resolution: up to 1920X1080 HD (28 Or 38)

Brand/Card: Smart/universal FHD LED/TV Motherboard

Main Card: TP.MS358.PB818

Motherboard Main Chipset: MSD6A358ATH-003D

Rom: 4GB/Emmc

Ram for the board: 512MB DDR-SD

O System: Android Version 4.4.4

Service Menu Code: Important +1147

Software Type: Pendrive upgradeable

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TP.MS358.PB818 Firmware Free  Download (All Resolutions)

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Model File Description
TP.MS358.PB818-1366×768-AU32-T315XW03 Download
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