VS.TP56U61.2 Software For Free Download


VS.TP56U61.2 Software For Free Download

Very better all System Combo LED/TV/LCD Analog Motherboard. VS.TP56U61.2 Software For Free Download. some details. mirroring option Or Logo capture, Auto system board firmware. the best vary according to the features system. backlight Adjustment. supportable size can support 23 Or 38″ minimum inches. VS.TP56U61.2 Software For Free Download, that too, easily free download all resolutions. just on the one-click download button. get the software in the absolutely free. with full HD screen resolution for the main Combo LED motherboard. Powerful High Android Best All easy circuit board. the many people search on the google for vS.TP56U61.2 software all resolutions free download. butt, here on absolutely for free download, with all resolutions. this is a website for All TV software/firmware free download.

Sameer Imran, ledtvsoftware.com, this is a professional blog/Website For all type TV/LED software absolutely free download. you can, from here, in the free all firmware download. this is today’s post about TV combo motherboard. VS.TP56U61.2 Software For Free Download. get in the absolutely free. all resolutions from here. Some resolutions are available here. in the free. TP56U61.22 480mA 1920X1080 170315 SONYIR and much. TP56U61.22 480mA 1366X768 S8 170315 SONYIR and even more, resolutions. after this, Screen suitable resolution for the Combo motherboard. this is Very Powerful Better Or Wonderful Board up tp Screen Supported resolution 1920×1080. get in the for free all software, from here. for all resolutions free download. link for the firmware. with a media fire website link. much easily download software. finally, this for, just only one click on the main download button from the bottom.

VS.TP56U61.2 Details

Resolution: 1920×1080

Board: VS.TP56U61.22

Brand/Card: Analog Combo TV Controller And Driver Board

Motherboard Chipset: TSUMV56RUU-Z1

Screen Size Supported: 23 Or 38 Inch

Service Menu Code: input +2580

Backlight Adjustment Combo Board

Here Are Available Software Resolutions

VS.TP56U61.2 Software For Free Download

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Model File Description
TP56U61.22-480mA-1366X768-S8-170315-SONYIR. Download
TP56U61.22-480mA-1920X1080-170315-SONYIR Download
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