VS.TP56U71.2 LED TV Board Firmware Free Download


VS.TP56U71.2 LED TV Board Firmware Free Download

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You Can Very Easily Download The Firmware All Resolutions. it is very easy to download the firmware for free. VS.TP56U71.2 LED TV Board Firmware Free Download. few resolutions for the main motherboard software Are available here. please like it some resolutions for the main Card. VS.TP56U71.2 1366×768 and Even more, VS.TP56U71.2 1920×1080 Full HD, VS.TP56U71.2 main Screen Suitable And Panel Supported up to resolution 1920×1080 Has a very Powerful And Wonderful same Main Board resolution. Just once click to the download mainboard software all resolutions free download from here. you can very easily free firmware download VS.TP56U71.2. ledtvsoftware.com this is a professional website all about electronic software.

Combo TV/LED Motherboard

VS.TP56U71.2 Specifications

Supported Resolution: up to 1920×1080 HD

Brand/Card: Combo LED/TV Driver Controller Board

Board: VS.TP56U71.2

Main Board Chipset: TSUMV56RUU-Z1

Screen Size Suitable: Minimum 27 Or 32″ Inch

Service Menu Code: Important Input +208

Here Is Available Firmware



VS.TP56U71.2 LED TV Board Firmware Free Download

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Model File Description
VS.TP56U71-520mA-1920×1080-USB Download
VS.TP56U71-520mA-1366×76-USB Download

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