TP.ATM30.PB818 Firmware Free Download


TP.ATM30.PB818 Firmware Free Download

Do you want to get all the files of this firmware from this website?. TP.ATM30.PB818 Firmware/Software. You are currently on And one more thing were you looking for this software?. TP.ATM30.PB818 firmware all resolutions for free download from here. smart with a universal brand of this motherboard, Network driver smart with FHD resolution 1920×1080. The screen resolution used in this software. This is a full limit screen resolution in which you can watch all kinds of videos in full HD and easily. As you know we try to provide you with any kind of software with a very easy link. TP.ATM30.PB818 Firmware Free Download. Get the software with just one click.

Newcomers to this site do not know how to provide a link to download the software on this website. TP.ATM30.PB818 /SoftwareFirmware Free Download with all resolutions are available. But our old people who come to this blog know very well. How to download any software used on this website. TP.ATM30.PB818, We will provide you with software and firmware easier than ever before. Which are very easy for you to download files. You can get all the resolutions of this software in a more convenient way than before. This is the resolution you will download now, TP.ATM30.PB818_1366x768_512MB_4GB.

How To Download Firmware TP.ATM30.PB818

You do not have to worry about downloading this software. Just like I am giving you the link to download the software first, I will give you the link to this software. I will make a video for your convenience very soon. The advantage of this video is that any new friends will not know how to download software from this website. So they will be able to easily download any led TV board software from this website by watching this video once. You can still download this software. Below are links to all resolutions of this software.

Specifications Of This Board 

Smart Universal Network Or Driver Motherboard

Resolution:                                        1920×1080

mainboard:                                        TP.ATM30.PB818

Os System Version:                             Android 5.1

Rom:                                                 4GB

Ram:                                                 512MB

Panel Suitable Size:                            28 Or 32 Inches

CPU:                                                 A53

GPU:                                                 Mali-450

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Card File Description
TP.ATM30.PB818-1366×768-512MB-4G Download

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