TP.MS338E.PA671 Firmware All Resolutions Free Download


TP.MS338E.PA671 Firmware All Resolutions Free Download

Today we are meeting again in a smartboard firmware TP.MS338E.PA671 post, In today’s new latest post we are giving you all the resolutions of this software too to download with just one click. TP.MS338E.PA671 Firmware/Software All Resolutions Free Download. Many people comment on me and ask me where to download this software. Because a lot of people needed this software TP.MS338E.PA671 post so I brought this software here for you. If you keep telling me the name of the firmware you need, I can be very helpful in posting new things on this website. TP.MS338E.PA671, universal/smart networking motherboard. has a very useful system on the mainboard for you. smart with combo network china android function high-speed TP.MS338E.PA671 more other network option jack, full HD driver platform, this is the best FHD resolutions for screen panel 1920×1080. So tell us the firmware you want as much as you can.

TP.MS338E.PA671 Smart Network Driver TV Board

Specifications & TP.MS338E.PA671

Board: TP.MS338E.PA671

Brand: Smart Full HD DVB-T2 LED LCD Board

Operating/System: Version 4.4.4

Resolution Supported: 1920×1080

Size: 32 to 55″ Inches

Product: LCD LED

Android Chip: MSD6A338SXEG-005N

Computer: A7 &2

Graphic Computer: Mali400 &2

Rom Memory: 4GB/8GB EMMC

Ram Space: 512MB

Menu code: +1147

TP.MS338E.PA671 Firmware Free Download

Do not use Extract at all after you download any resolution of this software from here. By the way, you do not need to do anything with this firmware Smartboard TP.MS338E.PA671. As you know, no matter how much software or files we provide you here for free, we pay special attention to all the settings before we give you that firmware. We have done the same with this firmware and all its resolutions. So don’t disturb it at all, Now you will see a table below and in this table, you will find all the files of this software downloaded here. No matter how many resolutions are below, the download buttons of these files will be in front of them.
Here are all the free downloadable Resolutions in this post:

1. TP.MS338.PA671-1366×768-INVES-1G-4G Download

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