TP.MS358.PB802 Firmware All Resolutions Free Download


TP.MS358.PB802 Firmware All Resolutions Free Download

If you want to download this firmware TP.MS358.PB802 from here with its full resolutions. yes, So you can download this firmware absolutely free. Many people search for any LCD LED board software on Google. Some friends can easily download the software on demand. TP.MS358.PB802, smart Full HD driver with high networking board system motherboard, screen supported resolution by a panel 1920×1080. TP.MS358.PB802 smart WIFi Network fully intelligent all features option mainboard, Just as a combo is a television board, so is the power of a LED board. This board TP.MS358.PB802 smart and universal is considered to be one of the most powerful boards. Here are some of the types of files in this firmware: Tp.ms358.pb802, panel number of model this firmware KM0395LDSF00292. Tp.ms358.pb802-rom-emmc-boot menu. More than that, the resolutions of this smartboard software, you will find here. If you want to download this file too, you can.

TP.MS358.PB802 WIFI Smart Motherboard

Specifications & TP.MS358.PB802

Model: TP.MS358.PB802

Resolution Supported: 1920×1080 up to

Board Chip: MSD6A358ATH-003D

Operating System Version: 4.4

Size: 32 to 46

Ram: 512MB/1GB DDR SD

Rom Space: 4GB eMMC

Brand: Smart With Full HD Resolution TV board

Languages: English, Chinese

CPU: A35 &4

GPU: Mali400 &2

Panel Voltage: 12V

LED LCD Backlight Current: 350 to 600MA

Menu Code: +1147

TP.MS358.PB802 Firmware Free Download:
I will provide you with As much as resolutions of this firmware. You will not need to extract all these firmware files at all. And don’t try to confuse them. Because I have already set off all these resolutions. I have made it very easy for you guys to download any LED TV board software from this website for free. By launching a YouTube video. In this video, you will find the complete process of downloading this software easily. Not only this firmware but also the case on this website you may need the help of this video in downloading the software. Click here to watching this video. Watch now.

Below are the files to download in this post:

TP.MS358.PB801_A20_1366x768_4G_Ref44_Pakistan Download
Tp.ms358.pb802_rom_emmc_boot Download
EMMC_AUTO_ISP_5822 Download
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