TP.MT5507.PB801 Software All Resolutions Free Download


TP.MT5507.PB801 Software All Resolutions Free Download

Hi, guys are you searching?. TP.MT5507.PB801 Network driver FHD resolution 1920×1080 board firmware/software free download. Are here to download the smart software for free, TP.MT5507.PB801 smart/universal android powerful network system motherboard android 4.4.3 official version. has a very wonderful combo triple power high quality all system mainboard TP.MT5507.PB801. All the options on this board are very easy for you people. for example, It’s the home menu, A system to play all his videos, And this board can upgrade software as soon as possible TP.MT5507.PB801. These are just some of the board benefits that you can use. What’s more, I’ll tell you later. after downloading software to very easily update this firmware.
You can download this software as well as all the resolutions of this software from here without any tension. TP.MT5507.PB801 Software All Resolutions Free Download. If you know how to download this firmware for free from here then no one can stop you from downloading this software TP.MT5507.PB801, smart networking china android more features LED TV motherboard. I will tell you the method of downloading all this in full detail by going to the bottom of this post. So that none of us have any difficulty in downloading this firmware here. TP.MT5507.PB801 has the best powerful and very intelligent mainboard. Come on, let me show you some resolutions to be downloaded in this post. TP.MT5507.PB801-1920×1080-EMMC Backup, TP.MT5507.PB801-1920×1080-1G_REF48-USB and more download.

TP.MT5507.PB801 Smart FHD WIFI Board

TP.MT5507.PB801 Board Features

Board: TP.MT5507.PB801

Brand: Smart Full HD TV Motherboard

Resolution supported: 1920×1080 FHD

Language OSD: English, Chinese

Size: 32 to 55″ Inch

The input of Video: ATV, PAL TV( Details 3.1)

Interface: Dual & Single LVDs

Product: LED & TV

Operating System Version: 4.4.3

CPU frequency: 1.5 GHz

GPU: Mali 400 &2

CPU: 4 core A7

GPU Frequency: 500MHz

Rom: 4GB Emmc

Ram Space: 512MB 1GB DDR

Backlight Minimum Current: 400MA

Backlight Power: Voltage 36 to 140 Volts/45W

Audio Sound Output: 2x8Watt

Input Power: 100 to 240 Vo AC

Maximum Panel Power: 12vo

Service Menu: +1147

Firmware Type: USB Upgradeable

Disclaimer: If you upgrade any software you may encounter some kind of difficulty during updating. Ledtvsoftware Team is not responsible. Whatever the problem with this software, any type of damage/loss. Any kind of result.

How To Download TP.MT5507.PB801 Software?

Hi, friends welcome to ledtvsoftware. Today I will tell you how you can download free LCD TV firmware from our website. Because a lot of people’s message was coming in the comment box. The software you have just launched the website to download, How do we download any of this software?. And they say tell us how we can download the firmware from this website, Most people would say, brother, make a video of this whole downloading process. And it will be very easy for all friends to download LCD LED to software from here.

There is a very easy way to download this software, For that, you have to follow some of my steps. Follow the information below. By watching this video you can get more information about downloading this firmware TP.MT5507.PB801.

  • First, you have to match the resolution with your model.
  • You can check you according to your panel resolution.
  • Now you can download your resolution from the table below.
  • Then your file will start downloading.

Below are some of the resolutions of this software TP.MT5507.PB801 For Free:
TP.MT5507.PB801_1366x768_4G_512M_REF30_USB Download
TP.MT5507.PB801_1366x768_4G_Ref35_Moreken Download
TP.MT5507.PB801_1366x768_4G_REF40 Download
TP.MT5507.PB801_1366x768_EMMC Backup Download
TP.MT5507.PB801_1920×1080_1G_8G_REF35_USB Download
TP.MT5507.PB801_1920×1080_1G_REF48_USB Download
TP.MT5507.PB801_1920x1080_8G_Sansui Download
TP.MT5507.PB801_1920x1080_EMMC Backup Download

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Firmware Files:




CP148323_TP_MT5507_PB801_OEI430WU1_IR_CHINA_B_GC_AP _T_05_LOGO_JDWL_PHILIPS_1GDDR_43PFF5071_4GB_DD_REF 35_AT_5108b676_20160907_223945