P150-638V6.0 Firmware All Resolutions Free Download


Hi, are you beholding guys of this firmware with these all resolutions for free download in this new latest Smart Universal Driver LED/TV LCD TELEVISION Mainmotherboard post?. P150-638V6.0 Firmware/Software All Resolutions Free Download absolutely Only for you gain. you can it is very easy to download all files Or resolutions by our website www.ledtvsoftware.com, this site is all about completely electronics triple play 4K type Ultra HD Full HD resolution Or display screen panel supportable size, and more types P150-638V6.0, that can supportably panel range size of the main motherboard 40 from 60 Inch maximum Useful for this board P150-638V6.0 proper downloading guide of this software from the below.

I am Sameer Imran technicians, are you technicians of repairing any LED TV Television LCD motherboard?. I am sure that you will need this software very much at this time because in this post I will provide you all the solutions of this software absolutely free. Firmware P150-638V6.0 All Resolutions or any also Files For Free Download from the bottom HTML text link providing a table of today’s article. this is a special brand on the mainboard, Universal Smart (Combo) Driver China android Ultra HD motherboard P150-638V6.0, which is a high powerful wonderful WIFI genuine internet speed system in this latest technical new LED TV LCD more benefits board P150-638V6.0.

P150-638V6.0 Firmware All Resolutions Free Download
P150-638V6.0 Firmware All Resolutions Free Download

Specification details:

Model/Number: P150-638V6.0

Resolution Supported Max: 3840×2160

Brand/Name: 4K Smart UHD LCD TV mainboard


OSD languages: English, Arabic

Product: TV LED/LCD

Operating/System Version: Android 5.1


Ram Storage/Space: 1GB

Power to the panel: 12 Volts

Firmware File Name: MstarUpgrad.bin

Firmware type related to updatable With USB: Yes

P150-638V6.0 Firmware Free Download

If you are working on repairing LCD LEd then all the resolutions of this software will work for you. P150-638V6.0 Firmware Universal 4K Smart China Android branded main motherboard files with it’s all resolutions absolutely free download thorough in this post for you. Then you will always need firmware similar to all the electronics on this website. that is a very easy way to download software of any files within a low moment from the downstairs. which a suitable main board screen display panel matching resolution UHD 3840×2160, P150-638V6.0 Firmware All Resolutions Free Download to down. is it clear?.

Friends, many people still comment on me and ask me how to download this software from here. Yesterday I was told that a brother told me that you can provide me a direct download link. P150-638V6.0 Firmware/Software already to download from the bottom, A friend let me give you a more simple link to download any software from this site. A few days ago here I changed the whole download process. P150-638V6.0 Smart Android version LED TV LCD main motherboard. Now if you want to download any firmware then just click on the download button. I have now provided you all the links to Google Drive here.

There are some resolutions for free download:

File Description Download Link
P150-638V6.0-3840×2160-1G-4G-Algeria Download
P150-638V6.0-3840×2160-1G-4G-Australia Download
P150-638V6.0-3840×2160-1G-4G-Southafrica Download

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