HK.T.RT2841P838 Software Free Download


Friends, are you looking for this software on Google just like other people to download for free?. Let me tell you that you can get all the resolutions of this software from here. HK.T.RT2841P838 Smart Android DVB-T Lcd Led Mainboard firmware free of cost download from this post. Let me share with you some of the features of this firmware board, For example such. HK.T.RT2841P838 Smart Universal China Android operating version system 7.1.1, Rj 45 network signal port, USB port 2.2, HDMI port 3, VGA cable option available in this new version, Mobil phone data cable pen, Headphone, handsfree slat, ox cable jack All features option function of this main motherboard HK.T.RT2841P838 Software Free Download.

Friends, with the help of today’s post, I am once again here to bring you a new Lcd television TV Led board firmware to provide you with it for free. I sincerely hope you enjoy this software, HK.T.RT2841P838. If you are a technician then remember the name of this website as our team will be visiting you daily on this site with all the electronics reversing firmware. HK.T.RT2841P838 you can it is very easy to download all resolutions absolutely for free from the below downloadable files table. All the resolutions in this post are free for you. You can download them whenever you want and put them to save on your computer or mobile phone forever. HK.T.RT2841P838 Because a lot of people have asked me a question, brother, we can download and keep any software from this site, but I gave them the same answer, yes.

HK.T.RT2841P838 Software Free Download
HK.T.RT2841P838 Software Free Download

Basic Specifications:

Model No: HK.T.RT2841P838

Resolution Supported Max: 3840×2160

Operating/System Version: Android 7.1.1

Main Chipset: RT287x

Product: Led/Lcd Screen

Rom: 8GB

Ram Capacity: 1.5GB

Firmware Identy: Install.img

You can Update Firmware by USB Disk


There given Firmware/Software is USB upgradeable. ledtvsoftware team is not responsible in any way. Like Loss/Error/Damage/Updating of any type of software is bad or overloaded.

HK.T.RT2841P838 Software Free Download

There is no need for you to extract any file. And secondly, here are providing links to Google Drive. There is no part but we will give you the complete file that you can download with just one click.

Here is some file available for free download by one clicking the below table button:

File Description Download Link
HK.T.RT2841P838-3840×2160-Vivax-1.5G-8G Download