TP.RD8501.558 Software All Resolution Free Download


Hello and welcome to another latest post of Led/Lcd TP.RD8501.558 software, I am MD Sameer Imran technician. And with the help of today’s new post, I am providing you this firmware absolutely free. This article is meant to tell you something about electronics so that you can learn something from it. TP.RD8501.558 Software/Firmware All Resolution Free Download. About this board, we will also tell you all its technical specifications and features specifics here. TP.RD8501.558 this is a Universal/Combo Driver Simple Analog Controller LED/LCD/TV main motherboard. that can support a Screen resolution of panel 1920×1080 Full HD up to down.

Do you really need this software and do you want to get this firmware now as well as all its resolutions with the help of this website from here?. TP.RD8501.558 simple driver Analog controller Universal china Led Tv technicians to support mainboard. If what I just said is true, Then no one can stop you from downloading this firmware from here. TP.RD8501.558 Because now I am going to work with you people on all the trick and tricks with the help of which you can easily download not only this software but also all the resolutions/files of this firmware, with just one click. One by one. If you are going to download this software TP.RD8501.558 from the table below. Thanks for downloading it.

TP.RD8501.558 Software All Resolution Free Download
TP.RD8501.558 Software All Resolution Free Download

Basic Technical Specifications:

Model/Number: TP.RD8501.558

Resolution Supported Max: 1920×1080 up to

Main Chipset: RD8501

No of Brand/Board: Universal driver Controller Mainboard

OSD Multiple Languages Support: Yes

Product: Led/Lcd

HDMI Ports: Yes

USB Ports: Yes

The main color of the motherboard: Green

Video Functional Option: Yes

Headphone Jack/Ox Cable/mobile data transfer cable: Yes

Service Factory Mode Menu: Code +1147


There given Firmware/Software is USB upgradeable. ledtvsoftware team is not responsible in any way. Like Loss/Error/Damage/Updating of any type of software is bad or overloaded.

TP.RD8501.558 Software All Resolution Free Download

There is no need for you to extract any file. And secondly, here are providing links to Google Drive. There is no part but we will give you the complete file that you can download with just one click.

There are some resolutions available for free download from here:

File Description Download Link
TP.RD8501.558-All Resolution-USB Download
TP.RD8501.558-LED-32A-Backup Dump-SHARP Download